Cannabis Edibles: Effects, Benefits, and How Long Do They Last?

A pile of Highatus cannabis edible gummies
This piece was authored by Olivia Swann.

What are the Benefits of Using Edibles?

Cannabis edibles are food, drinks, or any kind of consumables that have been infused with cannabis. Instead of smoking or vaporizing cannabis flower, you can eat an edible and receive the same and some unique benefits. Many turn to edibles as their preferred method of cannabis consumption for a variety of reasons. 

Edibles are a more discreet, odor-free option compared to smoking cannabis flower. This is a huge plus, particularly for medicinal cannabis users with chronic conditions who may need to medicate in public, such as at an office or while commuting. Discretion is key, as public consumption is still illegal in many places despite medical and/or recreational cannabis being legal. 

Out of all the states that have legalized or decriminalized cannabis in some form, New York is one of the only ones that allows public consumption. Even with public consumption allowed in some places, social stigma remains pervasive and some cannabis users prefer discreet methods of consumption due to this perceived negative association. 

Edibles are known for long-lasting effects which also makes them a particularly attractive option for medical cannabis users hoping for long-lasting symptom relief and recreational users seeking extended effects. Many health-conscious individuals turn to edibles as an alternative to smoking as well, to avoid lung strain. Whatever your reasons for consuming might be, edibles are an excellent delivery method for medical and recreational users alike. 


Recommended Dosing When Consuming Edibles

If you are new to edibles or cannabis in general it is always advisable to start very small, wait to see how it affects you, and then increase the dosage from there. Even if you’re a seasoned cannabis consumer it’s still a good idea to start small, especially with an unfamiliar product. 

For absolute beginners, start with a quarter or half dose, reflective of packaging recommendations. I usually take a quarter of a gummy, chocolate square, or other edible dosing units by splitting it evenly with a knife or my fingers and waiting for one to two hours to feel the effects. From there you can increase the dose to half a gummy, and finally—if you feel comfortable increasing the dosage from there— a full 10 mg square. How the product impacts an individual will depend on metabolism rate, weight, sex, tolerance, and a variety of other factors

Generally speaking, 5 milligrams — half a standard serving for most products — is a good place to begin for most people. However, some may find this either too much or too little to start. So, use your best judgment and consume responsibly!

Highatus Sour Apple Cannabis Edible Gummies

Product Review: Highatus Cannabis-Infused Sour Gummies

The Highatus gummies I tried are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and are available in California dispensaries. Each box has 10 gummies that are carefully infused with a customized formulation for consistent, highly targeted edibles you can rely on. The fact that the product was vegan appealed to me since I’m vegetarian, and tend to support companies that make plant-based cannabis edible products whenever I can. They come in a variety of flavors and cannabinoid combos including:

From a marketing perspective, I adore Highatus’ packing. I received the Green Apple, which is an eye-catching iridescent green that is shimmery and has a retro-meets-modern appeal my millenial preferences approve of. I chose the green apple because I love that flavor generally, but also because the packaging stated these specific gummies were meant to have an energizing high best for daytime use, and I was planning to do some writing. The package also promised me “soothing” and “euphoric” effects. 

I ate a full 10mg edible because I am used to taking 5 mg edibles several times daily, so I was confident my tolerance would be high enough to have an enjoyable experience. I also generally do not tend to experience negative side effects of delta-9 THC products like anxiety, and the onset of Highatus’ lovely product proved to be no exception.


Highatus Sour Apple Cannabis Edible Gummies

What are the Effects of Cannabis Edibles?

These sugary sour cubes are reminiscent of sour patch kids. I loved the taste and the effects were nice and gradual. It took about an hour for them to set in fully and the high was a pleasant headrush coupled with some appetite stimulation early on. 

The high was nowhere near to the point where it became too intense to concentrate, work, or function normally. In fact, it felt like the effects inspired an increased ability to focus that motivated me to work and write with ease and zeal. After two hours I had finished writing and switched to gaming. I logged onto a game and spent a few enjoyable hours immersed in a digital world. I feel Highatus definitely delivered on the effects listed on the package. I felt focused and relaxed without being tired. 


How Long Do Edibles Last?

Edibles’ effects typically last much longer than smoking, due to how it is processed in the body. When you inhale cannabis smoke, the effects set in almost immediately. This is because cannabis smoke enters through the lungs and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which then travels to the brain. 

Edibles on the other hand are absorbed via digestion. Therefore, you can expect the effects to take a bit longer to set in. Do you remember being told as a kid to wait an hour after you ate before swimming? That’s because it takes approximately that long for your body to digest food. You can follow this rule of thumb when consuming edibles as well. Every body is different, but typically you will begin to feel the effects of edibles set in anywhere between half an hour to two hours. Typically you will feel the peak around four hours but — depending on the dosage consumed — you could potentially feel effects for up to 12 hours. Residual effects could last up to 24 hours. When I consumed the Highatus gummy I’d say that the effects lasted around six hours, but the peak high was at around three hours. I look forward to keeping my eye out for Highatus gummies and other future gorgeously packaged, delicious-tasting items from them in the future!

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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