5 Best Ganja Gifts for Your Favorite Cannabis Consumer

5 Best Ganja Gifts for Your Favorite Cannabis Consumer

It’s almost Christmas! Many have already plunged headfirst into the holiday shopping frenzy for friends, family, and loved ones. For the beloved cannabis consumer in your life, we have some great ideas and deals you’ll want to hear about before you buy anything else! We’ve got you covered this year with five unique cannabis products smokers, vapers, dabbers and old heads love. 

For the Grower In Your Life: BudClub’s Most Popular Grow Kit

This kit contains everything you need to grow and harvest big, beautiful buds. Perfect for up to 2 plants in an apartment, home or backyard. Designed to produce a big yield in a small space. Simply purchase organic soil locally and in 3 steps you'll grow like a pro!

This Christmas, you can give the gift of grow to the person in your life with a green thumb. Maybe they’re a medical cannabis patient and only produce their cannabis products at home for quality assurance, or perhaps they just like to get their hands dirty in the garden.

Get the grower in your life puffin’ out with BudClub’s 5 Gallon Bundle. This grow package is self-contained, including everything you need to grow and harvest big, beautiful buds. Their simple three-step grow system means foolproof into home growing. Right now, you can buy one and get one free! 


A Ganja Gift the Mindful, Health-Conscious Consumer Will Love

Nuvata Launches Mind-Body Series of Premium Cannabis Vaporizers to Achieve Mindfulness and Wellness


Enjoy the wellness, mindfulness, and fun cannabis offers through Nuvata’s Mind-Body Vape Series. This is the clear option for the cannabis consumer in your life who loves to vape. The Nuvata Mind-Body vapes deliver terpene-rich, naturally flavored cannabis oil with high THC and complimenting CBD levels for optimum balance. 

Recent research points to the fact that cannabis products made with strains rich in terpenes and the full cannabinoid profile can help consumers receive more significant therapeutic benefits. This product is chock full of the good stuff it also comes in six mouth-watering flavors derived from naturally-occurring compounds to create bolder, fruitier, and tastier flavors. 


CBD Chocolate for the Cannabis Consumer With a Sweet Tooth

Green Roads' CBD Chocolate Bar - 180mg

What are the holidays without some sweet treats? This CBD chocolate bar is sure to be a smash hit with your loved ones who aren’t about the smoke. 

This delectable chocolate packs 180mg of CBD into one bar. It’s sure to keep the receiver calm and their belly full this holiday season.


A Sleek New Take on Your Old Grinder: Cloudius9’s Auto9

The Auto9 - Fully Automatic Grinder

Grinders are a staple in any stoner’s toolbox. Everyone gets to a point in their life where their trusty old grinder starts to get a little too sticky until one day you realize it’s just not breaking up the bud like it used to. 

Enter the Auto9 from Cloudius9, the fully automatic grinder that will get the job done and look pretty cool while doing it. Cloudious9 is known for introducing innovative designs that work for consumers. Check out more of their products to pick up the best vapes and grinders on the market.  Right now get $10 off the Auto9!


Dip Device’s Signature Dab Pens Come with a Charitable Donation

Dip Device's 2-IN-1 DAB PEN AND DAB STRAW Dipper Vaporizer

What’s Christmas without a little charitable giving? Spend your dollars where they count and cop a dab pen from Dip Devices. They support organizations doing work on drug policy reform with every purchase made.

Right now you can get the dipper vaporizer on sale. If you get it in the color chrome you’ll be donating to drug policy reform. Change up the color of the vape to donate to other worthy social causes. This is the perfect gift for the cannabis consumer in your life who doesn’t smoke dry cannabis flower anymore and prefers the vape life! 

If you need more gift ideas, check out more fun cannabis-related products here!

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