Dip Does It Again: Lunar is Affordable, Reliable and Efficient

Dip Devices Does It Again Lunar is Affordable, Reliable and Efficient

If you’re one of the concentrate consumers out there who have not tried one of  Dip Device’s vapes yet, you have my sincerest sympathies. If you are familiar, you’re likely a fan of Dip Device’s Dipper, EVRI or Litte Dipper, all of which are worth taking the time to toke on. Now there’s a new kid on the block: The Lunar. Read on to see what the buzz is all about. 

Dip Device’s Lunar Concentrate Vape Review

Affordable? ✓

Swinging in at a whopping $29.99, the Lunar price tag is anything but intimidating. Dip Device’s model to drive affordability is actually really cool. They skip on unnecessary hardware in the Lunar like a micro-USB for charging, assuming you’ll have a few (luckily my charger drawer coughed up three such chargers without prior purpose). Another money-saving move for consumers is to list replacement parts Dip Devices has readily available, in a right-to-repair-style strategy. For example, getting a two-pack of replacement atomizers for the Lunar will only run you $14.99, meaning the vape will continue to be affordable to own and maintain down the road.


Reliable? ✓

This thing is rip-roaring and ready to go. Easily load your favorite concentrate in the top, click the single button a few times and the Lunar will be ready for takeoff. I love that I can fire up the vape, take a small and discreet hit and power it down all within 30 seconds, no problem. Given my lack of coordination, I do sometimes find I tilt the pen — which Dip’s packaging warns expressly against — and need to readjust the concentrate, as it can pool on the side if warm.

Efficient? ✓

The Lunar knocks battery life out of the park, especially for a unit its size. I haven’t attempted to run it continuously, but can say with regular use I’ve only needed to charge it every second or third day. I know what you’re thinking — but how does it taste? Good, my friends. Great, even. I’m not sure what the trick is with the Lunar compared to other pen-style vapes, but there seems to be easier, more even airflow over the concentrate, meaning the terpene-flavonoid sundae you’ve been dreaming about is served up every hit.

A Positive Social Impact to Boot!? ✓+

Everybody loves a good cause, but Dip Devices can’t get enough of them. Activism is central to who they are as a company and in a fun twist, they’ve coordinated the colors of their products with donations to support various social impact campaigns. For example, my red Lunar concentrate vape pen will have a portion of its sales donated to blood donation activism with the American Red Cross. Other social causes include marine conservation, supporting LGBTQIA+ youth's mental health, drug policy reform, racial justice efforts, reforestation, land conservation, fighting food insecurity, and bee preservation. Dip Device’s latest campaign is for the newly formed National Diversity and Inclusion Cannabis Alliance (NDICA), which works daily to create equitable employment and ownership opportunities in the hemp and cannabis space. Phew! That’s a lot of good to go around.

The Red Lunar Concentrate Vape from Dip Devices. A portion of red device sales go to the American Red Cross

Hopefully, this review was able to answer some of your burning questions about the latest and greatest from the concentrate technology innovators at Dip Devices. If you want more Dip in your life, check ‘em out the Lunar at DipDevices.com or here on PuffinOut and see the latest on Dip’s social media feed here. Happy vaping!

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