Cloudious9 Delivers Innovative Cannabis Vape and Grinder Designs

Two Cloudious9 Atomic9 dry flower vapes — one black and one silver — sit perched on a building ledge, overlooking a city skyline.

As a cannabis consumer, I desire a dry herb vaporizer and grinder that are clean, accessible, affordable, and portable. Come to find out Cloudious9 has designed cannabis consumption hardware and technology that meets these needs. The Cloudious9 Atomic9 dry herb vape and Tectonic9 grinder include innovative features at an affordable price point. 

Cloudious9 Atomic9 Vaporizer Delivers Ease of Access, Affordability, and Portability

I have spent hundreds of dollars in the pursuit of an innovative cannabis vape that meets my needs. Given Atomic9’s advanced technology, I was surprised to learn this vaporizer retails for under $100. The Atomic9 is an expertly-designed vape that will appeal to cost-conscious cannabis consumers.

After unboxing the Atomic9, I loaded ground-up Gelato into the sleek and compact cannabis vape to evaluate its potential. The Atomic9’s Retractable Herb Loading Shovel allowed me to easily scoop dry herb into the tank. This forward-thinking feature provides hands-free flower loading and prevents filthy spills. The Cloudious9 team has an excellent eye for design.

When vaping dry herb, I want a vape to swiftly achieve an optimal temperature without draining energy or compromising taste. Three clicks on the Atomic9 warms the vape’s ceramic tank and illuminates a red light. The vape gives you a choice of six heating temperatures. In less than a minute, the red light turns green, indicating I am ready to vape from the Atomic9.

As I take a deep draw, the Atomic9’s “Dual Layer” heating technology consistently delivers tasty Gelato vapor. The Dual Layer contains convection and conduction heating elements. This innovative technology conserves battery life and space without compromising vapor taste. The technology contained in the vape’s cooling mouthpiece also contributes to delicious mouthfuls. I easily recognized Gelato's terpene profile while using the Atomic9.

An infographic displays how conduction and convection heating methodology for vaporizers differs.
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Seasoned cannabis vapers know it is a burden to clean most vapes. Many vapes require a tool to regularly clean vapor vents. The Cloudious9 team dropped the need to clean vapor vents with a tool as the Atomic9 collects residue in an easily removable and cleanable Residue Cleaning Chamber.

Typically, dry herb vaporizers with the ability to save battery life and deliver flavorful vapor are bulky and stationary. I need a quality vaporizer that gives me the ability to vape on the go. The Atomic9 fits comfortably in my hand and pocket, giving me the ability to vape while hiking, listening to a concert, or relaxing on the beach.

Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Grinder Cleanly Grinds and Loads Dry Herb

Experienced cannabis vapers know grinding, scooping, and loading dry herb into your preferred smoking device can be a messy process. Grimy spills often occur while your fingers transfer cannabis from the grinder to a vaporizer, bong, or rolling paper. The Cloudious9 Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder solves this problem by providing hands-free cannabis grinding, scooping, and loading.

The Tectonic9 smoothly crumbles cannabis into a reservoir contained inside. A spout built into the bottom of the grinder attaches to an opening in the reservoir when you are ready to transfer cannabis to your smoking device. One click of a button on the side of the Tectonic9 illuminates the reservoir and evenly pours crumbled cannabis out of the spout. All the while, your fingers never touch crumbled cannabis, preventing contamination.

Where to Purchase the Cloudious9 Atomic9 Vaporizer and Tectonic9 Grinder

PuffinOut carries the Atomic9 vaporizer and Tectonic9 grinder, but you can check out the full list of Cloudious9 products, special sales and more about the brand here

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